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Find a new domain name based on data from 160,000,000 already registered domain names, 1,000,000 trademarks and 100,000 advertising-banned keywords

Brand name protection - tracking domain name changes

We can help you find the best domain name for your website. We can send you alerts of potential trademark-related problems and track domain names available for you. Plus, if you already own a domain name, we can help you track domain name changes across other TLDs.

Why use

Trademark protection

It's a shame to build a new website, gain some traffic to that site, and after a year find out that you had registered a trademark name which can be cancelled by trademark owner in no time! That's why we have indexed over 1 million you can feel safe now.

For brand & trademark owners

It can be a pretty hard job to check all the time if somebody is in breach with your trademark. Let us handle this hard work for you. We can periodically check new domain names related to your trademark!

Advertising-banned keywords

Even if you do not register your trademark, your new domain can become a nightmare. Did you know that there are thousands of keywords which can cause major problems when advertising Just because your domain is automatically flagged as "bad content"? We can help you with that, too.

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Track millions of domain names

Track any number of domain names for just 0.01 EUR/check/ domain

Example pricing

Let's assume you want to track the keyword "My-domain-name" across 200 domain name extensions daily. That's 200x31 checks and the final price will be 62 EUR per month.

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What is

The number of available domain names is decreasing every day. We can help you find the best domain name for you. We can also help you keep an eye on your brand name by checking just registered domain names that are similar to yours.
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